Welcome to this series of workshops on Digital Photography.

This workshop is designed to focus on the growing use of digital photography and how to make the most of our digital photos. Camera basics and composition will be introduced but the majority of time will be spent dealing with how to effectively share and utilize our images in a variety of ways.

Day 1 will be spent on camera basics, file management, editing software and a quick introduction to sharing
Day 2 will deal with more with editing and printing options
Day 3 will focus on sharing and using our images in new and interesting ways.

I'm inviting participants to provide feedback and questions about any of the topics or sessions. Please go to the feedback page at any time and leave your questions or comments.

Day 1 Agenda:

Introductions: (15 minutes)
  • Participants knowledge, experience and goals
  • Presenter backgrounds and philosophy
Digital Photography Overview: (15 minutes)
Camera Basics: (15 minutes)
Composition Tips: (15 minutes)
Getting Photos on your computer (15 minutes)
Storing and Locating Photos (30 minutes)

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lhadwen at sasktel.net