Session 1 Camera Care

  • The lens: Lens cover, filter, strap
  • Cleaning the lens and LCD screen
  • Composition/Using Light 1 (Guidelines for Better Composition)

Take some photographs this week in which you emphasize simplicity, the rule of thirds and lines.

Session 2 Composition

  • Composition/Using Light II (Guidelines for Better Composition)

Take several photographs in which the use of lines and closeups are important elements of the photographs. Also, use the cropping tool in Picasa to improve the composition of a photo. Don't forget to straighten the horizon line if necessary.

Session 3 Getting Past Auto

  • Shutter speeds, f-stops and effects of zoom lenses
  • Depth of field
  • Program modes
  • White balance
  • Three-point hold
  • Tripod
  • Focus placement
  • Using flash
  • Lighting/Flickr


Focus on Photography Composition
Shutter Speeds
Guidelines for better composition
Photojojo ...great tips for taking and using photos
Understanding F-Stops (Aperture)
Depth of Field/Aperture
Depth of Field
Auto Modes
Improve your Photos in 60 seconds
White Balance
9 tips for every camera